Citizens Advisory Committee

The Community Engagement Committee (CEC) serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Commissioners. CEC members serve for three years on a voluntary basis, with terms expiring each year in December.

The committee advises and assists the CCFPD Board of Commissioners to:

  • promote citizen awareness of District facilities, financial needs, and issues
  • study needs of the District and the effects of programming
  • provide support for studies and reports requested by the District Board
  • implement programs and new policies

The group meets 6 times per year, generally at Lake of the Woods (4 times), Homer Lake (1 time) and Middle Fork Forest Preserve (1 time). Most meetings are held at 6:00 pm on the first Wednesday of every other month. In addition to meeting attendance, members volunteer at community events and/or CCFPD activities to promote awareness of the District.

Recent Projects

Collaboration with the CU Astronomical Society to obtain Dark Sky certification for Middle Fork Forest Preserve (ongoing); promotion of and education aspects of the Kickapoo Rail Trail (ongoing); and development of a site plan for Sylvester Woods.

Former projects have included making recommendations related to waterfowl areas, potential canoe trails, and firewood usage at District sites.

Current Members

  • Lisa Sprinkle, Staff Admin
  • Kayla Boparai
  • Fred Bunting
  • Nancy Elliott
  • Richard Harris
  • Jon Hoekstra
  • Kristian Hopkins
  • Fred Newport
  • Madison Story