Special Exhibit

Connections to Trees

May 2023-December 2024 

Homer Lake Interpretive Center  

The human connection to trees spans the globe and countless generations. Trees have captured the human imagination since the beginning of time. This exhibit highlights the importance of trees to humans and wildlife, the diversity of the trees of Illinois, and shares personal perspectives of a family’s connection to trees. Be sure to also check out a special outdoor exhibit nearby, Vanishing Acts: Trees Under Threat. Located on the Timberdoodle Trail, this outdoor exhibit invites viewers to embark on a global journey exploring 15 compelling tree stories from around the world. Each story reflects the exhibit’s primary theme – that we must protect and save endangered trees so that future generations may experience their numerous benefits. Vanishing Acts was originally curated by the Morton Arboretum in partnership with the Global Trees Campaign. 

Homer Lake Trees on Flicker Trail
Homer Lake Trees on Flicker Trail

Ongoing Exhibits

The Grand Prairie

The Grand Prairie region in Illinois spans over 30 counties and was formerly occupied primarily by tallgrass prairie, marshes, potholes, and woodlands along the rivers. This vast plain, shaped by glaciers and maintained by fire, is now one of the most important agricultural areas in the world. Explore the history of this landscape and its peoples when you visit the Center!

Life on the Prairie

Delve deeper into the unique story of the Grand Prairie, the landscape the settlers first encountered, and the Forest Preserve District’s methods for maintaining remnants of this unique habitat on our sites. And encounter the success stories of once-rare species in Illinois, such as bald eagles, river otters, and sandhill cranes.

Homer Lake's Wildlife

 Learn about the wildlife that calls Homer Lake home. Meet our resident live Ambassador Animals and watch wildlife at the feeders from the comforts of the indoors.