River Bend Facility Rentals

Check River Bend Pavilion's availability here. This venue seats 100.

Fees 2024 2025
2-9 Hours: Hourly rate $30/hr $30/hr
2-9 Hours: Holiday rate $45/hr $45/hr
10-15 Hours: Flat rate $300 $300
10-15 Hours: Holiday rate $450 $450


Renters are expected to follow the facility rental rules and will be charged accordingly for any violations.

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Facility Rentals

Whether you're planning a wedding ceremony or reception, family reunion, business meeting or company picnic, we have a facility to accommodate you.

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River Bend Pavilion: Lake View

River Bend Pavilion: Lake View

River Bend Pavilion

River Bend Pavilion

River Bend Pavilion: Parking Access

River Bend Pavilion: Parking Access

Rental FAQs

How Do I Reserve a Facility?

Reservations may be made online or at our Headquarters office.

How Far In Advance May I Make a Reservation?

The earliest a reservation may be made is one year in advance of the event date. Online reservations open up at 12am (Midnight) and will receive 1st priority; walk-ins 2nd; & phone/email 3rd.

Can I look at the facility?

Facilities may be seen on weekdays between 8:30am-4pm when not in use. Availability can be checked online. Appointments are required for Homer Lake and Middle Fork River by calling the Site Superintendent’s Office. For Lake of the Woods facilities call to check viewing availability or stop by HQ.

How Do I Pay For My Reservation?

Online at the time the reservation is being made or you are welcome to stop by HQ and pay in person.  

What Type of Payment is Accepted?

Cash (exact amount), Check (payable to CCFPD), money order, all major credit cards.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

When notice of cancellation is received 30 days or more prior to the event date ½ of the rental fee will be refunded. If notice is given less than 30 days no refund will be available.

Arrival/Departure Times

Earliest arrival is 8am, latest departure is 11pm. You may not arrive any earlier than the start time and are expected to be cleaned up and ready to leave by the end time specified on your paperwork. Be sure to include set up/clean up in your time frame.

Can I Revise My Reservation?

Yes. Changes may be made and must be received by HQ (217-586-3360) at least 3 days before your weekday event and by Wednesday for weekend events.

Is Alcohol Permitted at the Facility?

Yes. Renters must provide a Certificate of Insurance showing proof of Host Liquor Liability coverage in the amount of $1 million naming CCFPD as an additional insured party. This insurance may be obtained at: www.theeventhelper.com/partner/pdrma

Special Use Permit

There are some uses of the Forest Preserves property that, because of their nature, are allowed only with a special use permit. If you are planning an event in one of the preserves please check with HQ to see if a permit is required. Special Use Permits require a $100 non-refundable fee. 

Special Use Permit.  For approval consideration, submit completed permit at least 10 days in advance of event date.