The Champaign County Forest Preserve District welcomes your interest in using our facilities for your wedding and/or wedding reception. Before you make your final decision, however, there are a number of factors of which you should be aware.

Facility Rentals

We are a Forest Preserve District whose mission is conservation, education and outdoor recreation. Our facilities, although wonderful for family picnics, reunions, etc., are not banquet halls and may be considered rather primitive by comparison. In addition, we have a small staff, and we are not equipped to handle many of the special requests that often attend weddings and receptions. Our wedding facilities demand a great amount of attention from our park operations personnel. The maintenance alone of the facilities is somewhat overwhelming and costly; so in order to continue to offer wedding facilities, rental prices are listed below.

Important Information

The following items are issues of which renters should also be aware: All tents are prohibited on District property. In addition, dunk tanks, horseshoes, inflatable playhouses (e.g. a moonwalk) and pony rides are also prohibited.

In consideration of other preserve users, amplified music that can be heard more than 75 feet from the rental facility is not allowed. Furthermore, the speakers must remain within the building at all times during the rental. Violation of this ordinance will result in the termination of the amplified music.

Our most popular facilities are booked well in advance. Because of this busy schedule, we are unable to allow you access to the building for decorating or rehearsals the day prior to your rental. You can, however, guarantee access the day before (or after) your event by renting the facility for more than one day.

We have no control over weather. If your event is scheduled outdoors, you should make contingency plans in case of inclement weather. We do not have alternates available.

Because of environmental concerns we do not spray to control mosquitoes, etc. At times they can be a nuisance.

In all cases where alcohol is present, Host Liquor Liability Insurance will be required. This insurance must be in the amount of one million dollars and list the CCFPD as "additional insured."

Our forest preserves are public facilities. Although you have exclusive use of your rental building, the restrooms remain public and there is no guarantee that others (fishermen, hikers, golfers, etc.) will not be in the general area.

The carillon in Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve is preprogrammed. We do not have the capability to honor special requests.

Our facilities are electrically wired to accommodate "normal" usage such as coffee makers, etc. High amperage equipment may require special temporary electrical service at an additional charge.

The rental facilities do not have telephones. We suggest that someone in your party have a cell phone if you feel you will need it. In an emergency, call 911 or contact one of the District employees on duty.

We sincerely hope your wedding or reception meets your expectations. Please make us aware of any special requests early enough so that you may make other arrangements if our capabilities do not meet your needs.


Full payment is due at the time of the reservation.

See fees below.

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Buildings and shelters are available to rent at three of our seven forest preserves.

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Mabery Gelvin Botanical Garden

Please reference the garden Ceremony Guidelines.

Fees 2024 2025
Wedding: 50 ppl or less
Wedding: 51 ppl or more


Elks Lake Pavilion Rain Backup 
Lake of the Woods Pavilion Rain Backup 
Elks Lake Pavilion Rain Reception
Lake of the Woods Pavilion Reception
Lake of the Woods & Elks Lake Pavilions

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Forest Preserve Capacity
Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve 200
Salt Fork Center

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Forest Preserve Capacity
Homer Lake Forest Preserve 115
Izaak Walton Cabin & Riverview Retreat Center

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Forest Preserve Capacity
Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve 32
Activity Center

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Forest Preserve Capacity
Middle Fork River Forest Preserve 134